Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is the Auto-W Deadline?

The Auto-W Deadline is the final day that you can drop a course for an automatic grade of W. The W on your transcript indicates that you began a course but withdrew from it before completing the course. It does not affect your GPA, but dropping a course may affect your full-time student status--check with an advisor or the Registrar if you are unsure if dropping a course will take you below full-time status.

The Auto-W Deadline is set by the university. For full-term classes this fall semester, the date is Wednesday, October 27. You can always find these dates on the Registrar's Calendar.

Use Onestart to drop courses--the e-drop feature on Onestart will permit you to drop a course up through the unversity deadline. You do not have to see an advisor to drop a course or add a second eight weeks course, but we encourage you to utilize our walk-in hours or an appointment if you have quesitons or are concerned.

Students intending to drop a course for a grade of W must do so prior to the university deadline as set by the Registrar. SPEA abides by all university policies and deadlines, including those regarding withdrawals. After the Auto-W date you cannot access e-drop and cannot drop a course without extenuating circumstances, documentation, and an involved exception appeal process.

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