Study Abroad Coursework and Approved Courses List

Need to know what courses are approved for SPEA majors in overseas study programs?  Check the Approved Courses List.

If you're planning on studying abroad, we're happy to talk to you!  Whether you're just investigating abroad opportunities in the future and want to know how to plan for them, or have a destination in mind and are moments away from buying your plane ticket, consider making an appointment with an academic advisor to work out the details of your coursework.  We're sorry, but not matter how immediate your need, we cannot accomodate questions about overseas study during walk-ins.  Please plan ahead and make an appointment.

Some tips:

*SPEA equivalent courses can be difficult to find overseas.  If you want SPEA coursework as part of an overseas experience, you may wish to consider SPEA Abroad.
*Consider saving gen ed coursework and/or electives for your study abroad experience.  It is usually easier to find arts/humanities or social/historical courses than it is to find an equivalent to a SPEA class.  Many students find that their elective credits are "well-spent" on overseas study, as well.
*Start planning early, especially if you're trying to find SPEA equivalent courses
*Consult the SPEA Approved Courses List to determine if coursework you are considering abroad has been approved as a SPEA course.