Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Donate your old Cell Phones!

Got an old or broken cell phone? Don't throw it away! The Giving Back to Africa Student Association (GBASA) has teamed up with Cell Phones for Cancer, LLC to collect old or broken cell phones for recycling. For each cell phone recycled, $2 goes to a cancer charity, and $2 goes to GBASA.

The importance of recycling cell phones does not just involve the environment, it also involves the Congo. The mineral, coltan, is very abundant, profitable, and greatly exploited in the Congo. It is also one of the main components in cell phone production. The mineral is mined and then taken from the country so that citizens don't see the profits of their labor.

Help us by donating your cell phones today!You can find collection boxes in the SPEA undergraduate office, the Pourhouse Cafe, and Boxcar Books.For more information visit http://www.givingbacktoafrica.org or email us at gba@indiana.edu.