Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Remember to Register your Internship!

See the reminder below from the Career Services Office, and please note your internship is a requirement for your degree.

*If you have already completed an internship and have submitted all your paperwork, please disregard this email!*

If you have an internship lined up for this summer and you would like to use it to fulfill your internship requirement, you need to submit an Internship Contract before you start interning.

If you have an internship set up for the summer, click HERE to complete the internship contract.

Internship contracts may be filed with our office after the end of spring semester as long as you file a contract for approval BEFORE you start interning!

If you have any questions regarding the paperwork or requirements, please call (812-855-9639) or email me at katbramb@indiana.edu.