Wednesday, August 4, 2010

End-of-Internship Paperwork

Nearing the end of your summer internship? If you're earning credit for a SPEA internship, remember that paperwork is due at the completion of your internship.

The following items must be filed before credit for your internship will be awarded:

Internship Summary Report: During the last week of your internship, you will be required to complete an online summary of your duties, responsibilities, and experiences. The information from the summary will be made available to current and future students via the online Internship Summary Database, so try to be as professional, yet honest, as possible.

Supervisor Evaluation: During the last week of your internship, your supervisor is required to complete an online evaluation of your work. The information regarding the evaluation is emailed to your internship supervisor when your internship is approved. Please note that students are NOT allowed access to this form. OCS can only email login information to the supervisor, not the student.

For more information, check out Career Services' webpage on internships, and take a look at their FAQs.

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